The Last Year of Your Salesperson Contract

How often do you think about what your B2B sales career is worth at any point in time?  Take a minute to think about NFL Quarterbacks Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Joe Flacco. In the context of this group, where would you rank Flacco? I’m guessing not anywhere close to the top (unless of course you’re from Baltimore). Yet in 2013, Flacco signed a contract that was significantly larger than anyone else in the group. He did this while finishing 2012 season with the 12th best passer rating in the league. The year before, his passer rating was 18th best in the league.

Flacco, with a history of average success in the regular season and one good run in the playoffs, was able use timing and leverage to his advantage. What drove his massive contract? He happened to win the Super Bowl during the last year of his then current contract. As the hot Super Bowl MVP winning quarterback, his value was at an all-time high.

Now think about your own performance as an enterprise salesperson or account executive. You’re coming off two years in a row as a top sales performer. You put in the time digging up sales leads, building your sales funnel, mastering your product and crushing your numbers each year. Whether you sell CRM software, marketing technology, a business intelligence platform or cloud services, your stock should be at an all time high, just like Joe Flacco. VP’s of Sales, CROs and CEOs of other companies should be beating down your door to meet you. For them, hiring good B2B salespeople is a challenging task.

But guess what? Your success isn’t broadcast across the country every week on FOX or CBS. In fact, less than 1% of the companies who hire b2b sales people even know you exist.

We’ve found that top sales performers are always curious about understanding their market value. Given your success and skill set, how do you know you shouldn’t be making an extra $100k at your company or somewhere else? Are you in a position to get a Flacco contract, or do you already have one but just don’t know it?

Here are three things to consider when trying to take advantage of your MVP status:

  • Think about your sales process (BDR/SDR support, Sales Engineer, selling cycle, etc). Search for other companies with similar sales structures that also have larger deal sizes, hotter markets, and/or more lucrative comp plans.
  • Introduce yourself to the VP of Sales from those companies and get on their radar. I can assure you they would love to connect.
  • You may not ever want to leave your current role, but doing the research on your market value and building the right relationships will give you options down the road. You never know when you might need them.

The points outlined above are proven, but can become a very time intensive effort. If you want to understand your market value quickly, check out what we’re building at Upsider.  We want to you be able to take advantage of your MVP sales performance, and make sure as many companies as possible know about you and your success.

Let’s make sure you get your Joe Flacco contract.

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