Q4 is Coming. Salespeople Write Something Immediately.

typewriter_upsiderQ4 is coming soon, are you ready? It’s a critical time of year if you are in sales and it’s important to roll into October full steam ahead. Sure you can make more calls, send more emails – just do more, right? Alternatively – you can try to work smarter, and do something to differentiate yourself. What are you doing to start adding your knowledge or relevant personal experience to your prospecting to help convert outreach and move the sales cycle faster?

Here at Upsider we are pushing the envelope to sign up more employers for our Upsiders to connect with in Q4, too (our B2B sales). One thing we have spent a lot of time doing since we started, has been writing content. Why? Because it works. The plan was to use it to help us tell our story and convert users on the B2C side of our business. Unlike an ad, it gives us the opportunity to present value first before gently tying in how we fit together with a problem and/or story and ask for a click, sign up, etc… We have seen great success creating content to introduce our new approach of using data to help salespeople manage their personal career goals. It’s been working for us and the B2C side of our business, but what about the B2B side?

Creating Your Own Content Can Help You Convert B2B Prospects

Believe it or not, we’ve had several successful warm B2B leads come in via our B2C focused content, without even trying! Soon after we discovered this, my Co-founder Josh and I started to use links to this same content in outreach to drive new prospect conversations, to explain our product pre-demo, to pitch investors and even train our employees. We’ve also had prospecting clicking through links in our email signatures:

The results have been awesome. Seemingly on a daily basis we hear someone we are talking with mention “I read that piece you wrote on LinkedIn about…” which immediately allows us to ask their thoughts and then find a lead in to start a more natural progression into discovery-mode. The key is, keep your content relevant to your audience. Because we are marketplace most of our buyers on the B2B side used to be salespeople – so they can identify with what we write. Keep in mind, content isn’t 100% responsible for converting the lead, but it helps spark it, or add context to help make pushing forward less salesy.

So – going back to my first paragraph – what is my recommendation for you to try and differentiate yourself in Q4, the most important quarter of the year?  It’s not more cold calling or emails, better time management or hyper speed date networking.  It’s to put yourself out there and write some prospect friendly, personal content. Post it onLinkedIn and/or Medium. Put it in your outreach emails, give it to your BDR’s, add it to your email signature. Be professional, ask a logical question, and answer it accordingly using data or client experiences. Write a draft, ask for opinions and feedback from your teammates, marketing, etc… In the end, I bet you will be surprised that your experience and knowledge can produce some great content that can help convert prospects into leads and leads into deals.

A little more than a year ago, I was an HR/Recruiting guy, not a founder and certainly not a content marketer! If I can do it, so can you. Here are 4 ideas for writing prospecting-friendly content.

4 Ideas for Writing Prospecting-Friendly Content

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking and hopefully writing.  It’s a great time to start, before you know it you’ll be posting on LinkedIn and/or Medium and sharing the link with prospects:

  1. It’s the end of the year which means you have won some deals already. Check in with 3 clients, see how it’s going and ask them what’s working and what is changing for the better. Find some exciting common threads and write a piece about how your product is solving new client common problem in the first 90 days. Try your best to share your unique perspective from the discovery process, which your prospects will be able to relate to.
  2. Write a post about why you love working for and selling for your company. Believe it or not, people are more likely to buy from happy salespeople. Tell your story! Why do you believe in the company and the product? How have you grown as a person and how has it prepared you to help solve client problems?
  3. What are you passionate about outside of work? Write about something fun or interesting going on in your life and how it balances out all the hard work you put into being a great salesperson who helps prospects solve their problems. Putting yourself out there a bit will help start the conversation with a prospect and can help you build your relationship faster.
  4. Talk to another salesperson at a non-competitive, parallel product or startup in your space that is hot. Share your opinion on the product in your piece and then find some common threads with your own product or service. Bringing your opinion to the table on something exciting that could help a prospect solve another problem may buy you the credibility to spark a conversation and start or move the sales cycle.

Q4 is here in two weeks, so get writing!

For us and other salespeople we’ve been talking with, we are seeing the credibility that comes with a link to strong, personalized content and it’s proving it’s worth living inside of our outreach.   What better tool to use at the end of Q3 / beginning of Q4?  Go ahead and write something and leverage it as one of the main reasons you are reaching out to your prospects.  It just might be the thing that sparks a thought provoking conversation with a cold lead, builds the relationship quickly and/or advances the sales cycle.

People appreciate it when you put yourself out there as a thought leader and since you have spent so much time researching client and prospects problems, you might just have some insight that captures their attention.

Upsider helps you manage your career via your sales metrics and uses them to smartly identify your upside sales job opportunities, whether you are looking or not. We’re launching soon! You can sign up here.

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