Sales Hiring is Broken and We’re Going to Fix it.

Ever since Drew Koloski and I updated our LinkedIn profiles to say “Co-founder at A Startup” we constantly get asked what we’re working on. We wanted to share a quick update.

We’re starting a company called Upsider (, and our goal is to create more visibility, efficiency, and long-term success for salespeople looking to upgrade their careers and for the companies that want to hire them. We want to solve a lot of the problems we’ve had over the course of our careers as both salespeople and hiring managers.

Sales teams have 33-50% annual attrition.
40% of salespeople miss their quota.

The current state of sales team performance has a lot of room for improvement, and the numbers make it hard to argue otherwise: Sales teams average 33-50% annual attrition, and 40% of salespeople miss their quota.

Obviously training, coaching, support, and proper goal setting all impact performance numbers.  However, in our experience, the biggest impact to high (or low) sales team performance is finding and hiring the right people. The problem is salespeople do not have an efficient way to identify or access the pool of companies who will provide the perfect next step in their career. In addition, hiring managers struggle for ways to find and connect with the ideal salespeople who would be the perfect fit for their team and sales process.

A data-driven solution
We are going to solve this problem.  There is a better way, a smarter way – a data-driven way and we’re building it. We’ve discussed our approach with approximately two hundred salespeople and hiring managers, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  Turns out we’re not the only people who have experienced this problem.

We are passionate about helping talented salespeople make impactful, data-driven career decisions, on their terms. We’re currently heads down working with our awesome team to build the initial version of the platform. So we’ll have more to share over the next few months.

Let’s connect
If you are a top performing sales rep, apply for beta access or sign up for our mailing list.  We’ll be releasing product updates, sales best practices, career management advice, and data insights.

If you would like to learn more about Upsider by talking with us directly – please reach out to us at

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