Solid Sales Reads – Week of May 30th, 2016

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John Paul Narowski talks about the value of asking for referrals and explains that timing is everything in The Best Time to Ask For Referrals.

Inside the Deal

Tal Vinnik informs us that B2B Sales Cycles are getting longer and reassures that this is a good thing for salespeople in B2B Sales Cycles are Getting Longer — And That’s Okay.

Russ Heddleston gives us 4 top notch pointers to make sure we learn from Nike’s big time deal blunder in What Every Seller Should Learn from Nike’s $14bn Steph Curry Mistake. -via Sales Hacker

Mind Over Matter

Daniel Meek is kind enough to share the most common trends he sees in great sales hires over time in Lessons Learned Interviewing 1,000 Sales Candidates.

Jermaine Edwards explains why making some time to think can provide a great personal ROI for your sales in 5 ways better thinking will transform your sales.

Chris Spurvey shares the what it takes habitually, to be a high performing salesperson in Seven Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople.

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